Tuesday, 3 January 2012


I have so much planned for this month im really excited to start a new New Year. Firstly this blog although I havent quite remembered all my geeky html codes etc from being a myspace whore Im starting slow and sure it will look and be just what i wanted in no time, How do I add this to bloglovin by the by?

Secondly its my birthday soon! Its anoying it being so close to Christmas and I have often considered pretending it was in the Summer but as fast as it comes it goes and theres nothing really I can do to stop it.

Thirdly Im starting a new job and looking forward to planning my next holiday with my boyfriend Joe, this time last year we took a spontaneous trip to Berlin. 

I hope you all had a good New years, mine was spent with dear old friends and a very hilariously drunk boyfriend who spilt more drinks than he drunk!

note to self: I need to start taking my own photos.


  1. Happy New Blog. To add it to bloglovin create an account (if you haven't already), click on account and then blogs by me, then on claim blog and type in your link. I've also just started a blog and am trying to figure everything out! Good luck with everything! x

  2. looks like you've got a busy year ahead of you. happy new year

    Jess †

  3. Lovely blog :)

    Laura x