Thursday, 26 January 2012

Grand Opening

Im proud to be a ginger haired lady.

Vivienne Westwood & Andreas Kronthaler

A important part of my blog is going to be celebrating ginger people. I have added a new button on the right so you all can trawl/crawl through my ginger hall whenever you like!

Vivienne Westwood has always been a massive inspiration for me since I have been about the age of 14 and began to chase a fashion career. I did actually study at the same university as her but I changed my path to Fine Art. My boyfriend funnily enough looks a lot like Andreas or maybe that's just me creepily trying to mold myself into her...*gets out the orange hair spray* saying that was she a natural ginge before? 
Well regardless im pretty sure shes wearing her barnet with pride. 


  1. I love Vivienne Westwood, its so cool that u went to the same uni as her!

  2. As a ginger, this hall really sounds like a fun thing! hehe. You are awesome! x

  3. Ahh amazing!! a true legend <3 xx