Monday, 30 January 2012


This is the outfit I wore to an amazing burlesque club in Soho called Volumpte-lounge. Its down a creepy alley way but once you get inside its very high class and so much fun an ideal place to start your night out. I cant wait to go back soon and share it with everyone else.

My leopard print skirt is from River Island, its a little sheer so i layered it over a black dress from Topshop. The shoes are a complete baragin at £2 from  Scope!  

Friday, 27 January 2012

Gaultier's Amy army

-Jean Paul Gaultier's catwalk show in Paris.

Tribute to Amy Winehouse, or just plane sick?

To be perfectly honest I am a little bit smitten with the one on the left. 
What do you think?

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Grand Opening

Im proud to be a ginger haired lady.

Vivienne Westwood & Andreas Kronthaler

A important part of my blog is going to be celebrating ginger people. I have added a new button on the right so you all can trawl/crawl through my ginger hall whenever you like!

Vivienne Westwood has always been a massive inspiration for me since I have been about the age of 14 and began to chase a fashion career. I did actually study at the same university as her but I changed my path to Fine Art. My boyfriend funnily enough looks a lot like Andreas or maybe that's just me creepily trying to mold myself into her...*gets out the orange hair spray* saying that was she a natural ginge before? 
Well regardless im pretty sure shes wearing her barnet with pride. 

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Perfect For Hangovers

I am loving this band at the moment Ive only just discovered them, here are a few songs Ive picked out to share with you by Alt J - 
Excuse my dodgy layout

And just to kick you out of bed my favourite song by them -

If you enjoyed these then i recommend you go check out there BBC introducing Maida Vale session on youtube to watch them play, i warn you though unfortunately they arent a pretty bunch... 
Hope everyones having a good week!

Thursday, 12 January 2012

first outfit post!

Well ok its not a complete outfit post and my blog is not completely as id like it to be yet...

I am wearing a customised denim jacket with studs patches badges and bits of material I really love this jacket im just getting round to customising more clothes in this punk style. My lipstick is 'have fun' by Rimmel. Im off to Spitalfields for lunch with the boyfriend. Hope everyone's having a good week!

Monday, 9 January 2012

The Kraken

The Kraken is a black spiced rum retailing at around £20.00 for 70cl bottle which is pretty expensive to be honest I was lucky enough to get a free tester. The design is lovely and im keeping the bottle to make into a candle stick holder! The rum its self was very sweet as caramel is in the recipe, perfect for shots and adding to your coffee. A good drink if you want to impress your guests otherwise id stick to the cheaper rums available. 

Im really enjoying this band at the momment you should def check them out. They come across as a dancier 'Tegan and Sara' who are a lot more cuter and indi-er but they have similar vocals. 

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Biker Jackets From Mars

I really want to get a Biker Jacket its a basic component of any girls wardrobe for when they want to give their outfit a bad girl edge. I however have never had this staple item, sure I have leather but not cool rock chick black biker. BUT my maximum spend is only £50 so ive been shopping around:

This one is down from £57 to £25 from Miss Selfridge which is an absolute bargain but I have my heart set on a black one

This Jacket is so Hot and £50 on ASOS which i am highly tempted on also comes in blue but i think thats a little too bright. Again im thinking i need to start basic black then work my way to colours later.

This Biker Gilet is only £22 from FF at Tesco AMAZING Its not going to cut it for having a biker jacket but this will look great over jumpers, jean jackets, i can see myself having a lot of fun. They also have a cheaper one at £17 but it looks more crinkley.

I have spied this one at £39.99 from New Look which looks perfect I am going to have to pop in and try it on but as far as im concerned for now: Mission accomplished.

I hope everyone is having a fun weekend. I am going to a eighties themed roller disco party tonight in aid of my sisters birthday which was in December... she is spilling out celebrations onto my Birthday month damn her! but im looking forward to it and no doubt ill be posting pics up here for you all to goggle at!

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Tuesday, 3 January 2012


I have so much planned for this month im really excited to start a new New Year. Firstly this blog although I havent quite remembered all my geeky html codes etc from being a myspace whore Im starting slow and sure it will look and be just what i wanted in no time, How do I add this to bloglovin by the by?

Secondly its my birthday soon! Its anoying it being so close to Christmas and I have often considered pretending it was in the Summer but as fast as it comes it goes and theres nothing really I can do to stop it.

Thirdly Im starting a new job and looking forward to planning my next holiday with my boyfriend Joe, this time last year we took a spontaneous trip to Berlin. 

I hope you all had a good New years, mine was spent with dear old friends and a very hilariously drunk boyfriend who spilt more drinks than he drunk!

note to self: I need to start taking my own photos.