Monday, 19 December 2011

Steven Fry Vs David Attenborough

  • 7th Album. 
  • Uk release 5th December. 
  • Single Lonely Boy. 
  • Uk tour Feb 2012. 
  • Waiting eagerly for it to arrive on Spotify. Lonely boy official music video makes me laugh.

  • 10th Album
  • Uk release 21 November
  • Single Wild man
  • Listen to above video to hear Stephen Fry reciting 50 words for snow.
  • Bjork Biophilia (one little Indian)
  • 7th Album
  • UK release 10th October
  • Single Crystalline
  • Love the single, love that david attenborough narates the intro (its a tough call but his voice is more cosy than Stephen Frys) and I want my hair to be like hers!  

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