Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The Goose Drank Wine

Don't recognise This? 

Shirley Ellis The Clapping song is much more popular than the original by Light Crust doughboys.  This song has been sampled covered and quoted... and quite rightly so if you don't recognise it then where have you been? It has been pushed and tugged at by many genres of music even Radiohead quotes 'We all went to heaven in a little row boat' in their pyramid song and I could never imagine Thom Yorke listening enjoying and jumping around to such an upbeat track! So who else...

I heard of this band a long time ago but never really took much notice of them thinking it was another mellow  sleepy girl band. However someone starred them on my Spotify so when I heard 'peace and love' from there new album I immediately wanted to find out who it was. Cat Power's new album Sun which came out on the 4th September is still very soulful like the other albums they have previously released but more upbeat and I love that they have sampled Little Rubber dolly on the 3,6,9 track.

I love love love Tom Waits he is exactly my kind of weirdo if you aren't familiar with him you may recognise him from being in The book of Eli or The  Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus? He pops up in lots of films and I would say Mule Variations is a good album to start with because some songs can be VERY theatrical and put you off if your new to his style. He takes the clapping song and like everything else hes touched he makes it little bit cool and a lot creepy

Who doesn't love a bit of Missy Elliot I have no idea who Izza Kizza is mind you but I enjoy this song and (let me)'work it' by her.

And then theres Cher Lloyd... Killing this song. But it shows just how many different people have loved this song so much they wanted to use it another Shirly Ellis song to check out is 'The name game' if you havent already heard it - I know all the words.

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