Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Defacing the Tate

On Sunday 7th October Vladimir Umanets a visitor to the Tate Modern calmly walked up to Black on Maroon,1958 one of  Mark Rothkos Seagram murals and 'tagged' the bottom right corner with black paint. He then vanished and the Tate closed immediately once it was spotted, he was arrested on Monday. Vladimir claims it is part of his Yellowism movement and thinks he has added value to the painting, I think he is right and that the publicity stunt he has pulled has been successful. I don't agree with it I think it is spiteful to damage an original painting that so many people enjoyed. But the painting will be restored Tate have the best experts and eventually in the future someone will want this painting particularly because of the scribble and England will be watching a futuristic Time Team-esk program with magical gizmo's uncovering it. Will Vladimir be renowned for his artwork in the future - I don't think so.

Black on Maroon before the incident at the Tate.

What do you think about it?

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