Sunday, 26 February 2012


Its been such a lovely weekend! What have you all been doing to enjoy the sunshine? Now to go with the nice weather we need good music. Here is a band called Grimes they have a new album out in March and will be touring the UK in May 2012 just listen to these dream like tracks to get you in the mood for summer, make your sore head feel better or to just lull you back to sleep...


  1. I love Grimes. Have you heard Skin? It's one of my favourites for sure.
    Her stance of music and art is incredible, the illegibility of the words in her lyrics makes the whole music experience down to the interpretation of the listener, uuh I can barely articulate my love for her music. Gutted I wasn't able to see her live : (

    1. I know I love her music, fashion style and videos. I would love to see her live but ive just missed her in London. I hadnt heard skin no, but Ive just listened to it so thankyou for introducing me to that :) maybe Ill see you at a Grimes gig one day haha x